Ramiro Mantecón, Ph.D. Candidate, Fulbright Scholar

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Research Interest

Ramiro’s research revolves around novel biomedical engineering applications. His doctoral research emphasizes the design and additive manufacturing of biomechanical components as implantable elements and as surrogates for human tissues. To approach this topic, he also takes an interest in the mechanical behavior of biological tissues, analyzing the fracture mechanisms and the adaptation to load-bearing situations. Moreover, he is keen on learning the mechanical behavior of engineered materials (e.g., additively manufactured materials and structures) using novel experimental mechanics approaches. He is generally interested in the process-property-structure-performance nexus of additive manufacturing materials and structures, including the post-processing step and biocompatibility and bio-acceptability.


  • B.S. in Biomedical Engineering, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), SPAIN – July 2019.
  • M.S. in Information & Health Engineering, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), SPAIN – November 2020.


  • Fulbright Scholar, Experimental Mechanics Laboratory, Mechanical Engineering Department, San Diego State University, October 2022 – Current.
  • Predoctoral Research – Teaching Staff, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) – September 2019 – Current.
  • Summer Engineering Intern, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) – June and July 2019.
  • Undergraduate Research Assistant, Spanish National Health Institute (ISCIII) – September 2018-May 2019.


  • Ramiro Mantecón, Miguel Marco, Ana Muñoz Sanchez, George Youssef, José Díaz Álvarez, Henar Miguélez”Additive Manufacturing and Mechanical Characterization of PLA-Based Skull Surrogates” Polymers, 2022 (Accepted).
  • Mantecón, R., Rufo-Martín, C., Castellanos, R. and Diaz-Alvarez, J. (2022), “Experimental assessment of thermal gradients and layout effects on the mechanical performance of components manufactured by fused deposition modeling,” Rapid Prototyping Journal, Vol. 28 No. 8, pp. 1598-1608.
  • Mantecón, R., “Thermographic analysis in additive manufacturing of biomechanical parts,” Master’s Thesis, Universidad Carlos III Madrid (UC3M), 2020.
  • Mantecón, R., “Effect of Shoc2/Sur8 inhibition in epithelial tissues and implications in global mouse morphology,” Bachelor’s Thesis, Universidad Carlos III Madrid (UC3M) & Instituto Nacional de Sanidad (ISCIII), 2019

Conference Presentations

  • “Additive manufacturing of head surrogates for impact analysis.” R. Mantecón, I. Rubio, J. Díaz-Álvarez & H. Miguélez. 2022 23rd European Conference on Fracture.
  • “Analysis of mechanical behavior of PLA material printed with FDM techniques.” R. Mantecón, C. Rufo, J. Díaz & H. Miguélez. 2021 27th Conference of the Spanish Fracture Group (GEF).
  • “Epidermal Shoc2 contributes to skin homeostasis.” B. Anta, MP. De Lucas, V. López-Alonso, D. Peña-Jimenez, N. Zarich, R. Mantecón, J. Ortega-Rodríguez, LM. Dura, J. Castro, AB. Cámara, T. Lopez-Briones, JL. Oliva, NF. Parejo, LF. Lorenzo- Martín, XR. Bustelo & JM. Rojas-Cabañeros. 2019 28th Conference of the Spanish Society of Cell Biology.