fig_studyingThis page contains tutorials on several topics. Feel free to download or share our link with your peers and colleagues. If you have a request for a tutorial on a topic of interest, please contact Dr. Youssef.


Machine Design Flowchart:

Dr. Youssef Simplified Analytical Mechanical Design Process 

MATLAB Tutorials:

1- MATLAB: The interface

2- MATLAB: The basics

3. MATLAB: Operationspresentation1

4. MATLAB: Plots

5- MATLAB: Numerical Analysis Functions

Visual Basic Applications for Excel:

1- Introduction to M.S. Excel

2. VBA for Excel: Tutorial#1

3- VBA for Excel: Tutorial#2

4- VBA for Excel: Tutorial#3

5- VBA for Excel: Tutorial#4

5- VBA for Excel: Tutorial#5

6- VBA for Excel: Tutorial#6

7- VBA for Excel: Tutorial#7

8- VBA for Excel: Tutorial#8

9- VBA for Excel: Tutorial#9

Resume Tips:

1- Create your first resume: Compilation of Experiences

Data Analysis Techniques:

1- Histogram Tutorial (using Excel)

2- Probability Plot Tutorial (using Excel)

3- FFT Tutorial (using Excel)

4- Equations and Tables used in Analysis of Measurements

5- Basic LabView Tutorial

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